Welcome to my 2015 Portfolio!

The Rabbits Hole

Flyer made using pictures taken on the Belsay Hall site during a classtrip.

It is the outcome of a small group project.

It aims to show that successfully designing an ad for students when all you’re given is pictures of old bricks isn’t impossible as it turns out.

Freelance work for DMACK

Selection of projects I did for my contact Gérard Zyzik, he’s a mechanic and works for DMACK tyres.

Less is More, again

Booklet exploring the International Typographic Style, a graphic design style also known as Swiss Style.

Read this booklet (16Mb – Language: English)

SmartHeart Guide

This booklet is part of a program which aims to show kids and teens how to be healthy thanks to regular physical activity and a balanced diet.

Read this booklet (1,3Mb – Language: English)

Voyager à Travers les Mondes Parallèles pour Atteindre vos Rêves

French translation of Moving Through Parallel Worlds To Achieve Your Dreams, an American personal development book.

Duties I was in charge of throughout this project: French translation, supervision of the proofreading process, cover design, page layout, illustrations management and proofreading of the original American version.

Available for sale on Amazon.fr

(Language: French)

Recent page layouts

Selection of magazine page layouts covering various topics.

See the pages (19,7Mb – Language: Lorem Ipsum & English)

Video Game Essay

(East vs West)

Essay covering the differences between Japanese and Western video games in terms of looks, mostly.

Read this essay (4,32Mb – Language: English)

The Haunted House

Point & Click game which lets you look for a pigeon in a spooky abandoned house right from the comfort of your own home.

I’d like to point out that, as far as I know, no one ever found said pigeon on their own. If you do, please contact me for a special reward.

Good luck ;-)

Go get that pigeon (16,3Mb – Language: English)

La Mer

Acrylic painting. It is part of a series that aimed to fit and complete the rooms of a bed & breakfast establishment.

Painting is one of the forms my creativity takes I favour the most, whether it be inside or outside the framework of a paid project.

Le Petit Géant

The “small giant” from the Mur de Planck show by the street theatre company Royal de Luxe, just before his arousal, on the 7th of June 2014.

I like photography, it’s an essential source of raw material for my work. Whatever I may lack in material, I always find a way to DIY.

This photo is special. To me, it symbolizes the city of Nantes. I love Nantes. The city is beautiful, she’s big though not gigantic, she’s active and she’s inspiring. I was born there and I see it as my duty to shine as much as she shines on the banks of the Loire and the Erdre.